Many start-up entrepreneurs planning to have a website experience the trouble of looking for a competent web developer from a good web development company. Hiring somebody to work for your business is always a tough choice. Some are hesitant to hire in-house developers since they are way much expensive than those who come from the outside.

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Outsourcing web development services are cheaper, yet riskier. Outsourcing has always been associated with several risks and getting web developer is just one of the crucial choices that entrepreneurs have to make.
If you are a non-technical business owner, finding the right tech partner may seem complicated. Nowadays, there are hundreds of web development companies out there who offer services you need. It’s difficult to filter the reputable and trustworthy ones. The selection process and hiring may take a long time if you are not knowledgeable enough to know the qualifications.

CEOs and start-up entrepreneurs have to ask themselves before making a final choice. What could be the best company size? Should they go for local or offshore agencies? How would they check if the company is good for start-ups?

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Here are a few tips when finding a competent web development company:

Pay attention to the specialization

Look for companies focusing on one particular type of work. Specialization will always stand for quality. Always check for their portfolio and assess how they work. Find out if the company is passionate about their work. Do their people contribute to open source projects or attend to events which are related to their work? Do some research on the topics that they publish on their blog, social media, and website.

The size

In the outsourcing world, software companies often differ in sizes of employees. In the process of searching, you will encounter freelance developers as well as big IT companies. Look for teams of at least 4 or 5 people with interdisciplinary skills to ensure reliability and guidance.
Big companies with 40 or 50 employees have the possibility to lose their focus, speed, and agility. They sometimes tend to ignore start-up clients. They charge premium for they have to pay for their managers.

Define docs and specs

Avoid hiring someone who will fail to cope with the work even you already provided them with detailed documents and specifications describing how your services and products should look like.

Hear what others say

References are very helpful when finding a good web development company. If a particular web development team has been chosen to be trusted by good companies, then there are no reasons why you shouldn’t sign up on them.
The best way to find a good web development company is to really take a look on their portfolio, or you can ask their clients for more details and information. There are no perfect companies, only ones with excellent reputation.


Versatility is one of the factors that must be considered when hiring a web development company. There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring an agency that is incompetent to work for your business. It’s even more disappointing when you need a cluster of database and your hired team has no web developer who is proficient in Mongo and APl.

Think of the cost

Getting a web development company that offer cheap services is not always good. Expensive isn’t always good also. The best thing to do is to get quotes from various vendors and be wise in assessing the value you can get for your money.
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