10 Signs You Should Invest In Mobile Development

Mobile apps are not just for big brands like Facebook and Amazon. Nowadays, even some small businesses have their mobile apps to promote their business and to create brand awareness and loyalty among their customers.

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With mobile apps developed for mobile operating systems, it is easy for entrepreneurs to reach out to the larger market comprised of people using smartphones and tablets.

The number of people using smartphones are increasing every day. Flurry, an analytics firm owned by Yahoo, overall app usage grew by 76% in 2014. In this year, apps functioning on shopping, utilities and productivity, and messaging tripled its growth, which is becoming a key driver in most e-commerce business.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Mobile Development | Mavericks Web Solutions
Source: Flurry Analytics

This increase in mobile dependence has opened an opportunity for entrepreneurs to apply mobile marketing for their business—and they are taking it seriously, creating a need for services such as web development and mobile development.

If you are an e-commerce business who is afraid to fall behind your competitors, you got to think of developing your own mobile app.

If you are running a business and you’re still not sure whether to invest in mobile development, you better check out these signs:

#1Your competitors have them.

If your competitors already having their own mobile apps, you better decide what to do now. Even small scale enterprises are starting to take a look on the feasibility of online marketing, and mobile development is a very important part of it.

#2 Your customers are going mobile.

According to the recent studies, smartphone users spend an average of 180 minutes per day on their mobile phones. Most customers are using smartphones to find local businesses and products. Engaging in mobile development will put your business in your customer’s palm.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Mobile Development | Mavericks Web Solutions
Time on mobile is now greater than desktop and other forms of media.

#3 Mobile apps are good for social media.

We spend most of our free time on social media especially on Facebook and Twitter. With the use of mobile apps, you can easily integrate social features such as likes and comments. This will help your business improve its social standing and publicity.

#4 It builds your brand.

In business, there is only one goal that you must prioritize – To promote brand awareness to customers. By investing to mobile development, you can make your brand name popular and increase your recognition among mobile users. Having a mobile app can greatly contribute to your brand awareness.

#5 Your business is open 24/7

Most customers would prefer to browse on their smartphones rather than switching on their personal computer to buy something. With the help of mobile apps, you are guaranteed that your business is open 24/7.

#6 When you find out that apps boost interest

Through mobile development, you can easily display your products and services to your potential customers. It becomes a one-stop-point to get all the information they need whenever they want to purchase something. The good thing with mobile apps is that you can always notify your customers if you have new products and sales.

#7 Mobile apps provides convenience.

Unlike other devices such as laptops and tablets, smartphones are easier to handle. Mobile apps are designed to provide utmost focus on flexibility and usability. Once mobile apps are installed, users can easily access your products and services. Create a unique app that will attract customers in a second.

#8 Young people are mobile users.

Almost 75 percent of the younger generations are smartphone users. These so-called millennials, people 18-34 years old, have a very positive behavior towards online shopping according to a recent survey by Havas Worldwide. Promoting your business to this generation is very vital as they shape the current trend in ecommerce.

Smartphones have become a new tool for browsing and purchasing products and services. Invest in mobile development to promote brand awareness to younger people.

#9 Google is on mobile apps.

Did you know that Google is indexing mobile apps? With a simple yet powerful mobile app, you can get immediate access to the app indexing process which allows your business to be found in search engines.

#10 Saves you time in data capturing.

Data capturing tools like Google Analytics and others are vital in tracking your consumer behavior. With a good mobile app, you can easily collect and analyze data about your customer preferences. Data is very important in marketing, knowing what offers can you can provide to improve user experience.

Do not waste the opportunity to sell in the growing mobile market, invest in a good mobile application today!

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